Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This is my second blog for the year 2007

A gift to me was on my bookcase for over eighteen months and I ignored it because of the title: "The Work of Wolves" didn't appeal to me. There came a day of desperation, "I haven't anything to read." Every bookworm knows that terrible feeling.

Having overcome my shunning of the title I began to read. The author is almost one of our own: he is a professor at Black Hills State in Spearfish, Kent Meyer by name. He has written a book that almost everyone could find very enjoyable. He knows the area about which he writes and he knows the people of that region.

I like horses and the story contains a very important event concerning horses. Mr. Meyer caught my interest and held it throughout this story of mystery, love, cruelty and action.

Carson Fielding is a ranch hand who fits the role of western hero perfectly. He knows himself and he knows horses. At least he thinks he knows himself until he meets Rebecca, the wife of Magnus Yarborough, a wealthy rancher who Carson has never liked ever since he was a teenager who could train horses and outsmart Yarborough in a horse purchase deal..

Shortly after Carson meets Rebecca and finds himself very attracted to her, a Lakota teenager, Earl Walks Alone, who is also a math whiz, encounters the German exchange student, Willie Schubert, at a prairie beer bust. Willie has discovered a mystery on the South Dakota plains and he wants Earl to help him unravel an event that neither of them can understand at first.

Weeks after Carson has taught Rebecca about horses,and fallen in love despite his best efforts to remain only friends , Earl and Willie begin enlisting Earl's alcoholic uncle, Ted Kills Many, to help them solve a mystery and save some very important characters: the horses. Carson also gets involved..

The author pulls you into the Lakota culture, and gives one a glimpse of the German facination with the American West. He knows ranch life and he understands their values and daily life.The events which give Carson a jolt from the ordinary are as interesting to the reader as they are to all these characters.

This is a very good book and the Bowman Library has a copy. Check it out and give yourself a real New Year's treat .


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