Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This is my first blog for the year 2007 January 2

A New Year's resolution: Keep writing blogs even when I have nothing of value to say! No that didn't come out right. The resolution is to FIND something interesting to tell you.

There is a new DVD just out for a movie which can bring you a great deal of pleasure. But first: This is a warning that the movie is full of the f word; everybody seems to use the word, especially Grandpa. If you can forget about the horrid language and just enjoy the acting, I can assure you that "Little Miss Sunshine" is going to make your day a much better one.Here is a priceless jewel of an actress called Olive in the movie.. I could look up her real name, but you would probably not know it anyway. However, once you view Olive you won't forget her and you may want to research the movie archives to find it so you won't forget to catch her next performance.

Olive's family is by all accounts a disfunctional one. Everybody likes to use that word lately. Olive's family is by my resoning pretty much normal. This family simply has a few more problems and a lot more dreams than the usual group next door to you. Olive finds out she is able to go to Los Angeles to be in the Little Miss Sunshine contest as she was the runner up in the Albuquerque program. She really wants to go and show the audience just how much fun you can have when she does her dancing and singing.

Grandpa is played by Alan Arkin and he does a very good job of making you want to strangle him one minute and love him the next. He really loves Olive and that makes up for a lot of the faults that Grandpa has.

Whenever Greg Kinnear is in a movie I know I am going to like it. I pray that Hollywood doesn't start casting him as a villain in some grade B production. Greg is Olive's dad and he rents a big yellow blob of a Volkswagon and off they go to L.A. with all of the family members on board. The problems are just beginning.

The person who keeps our interest is that wonderful Olive: her round cherub face and huge glasses, with her sweet personality radiating out will grab your heart and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy for a long time. Treat yourself and go rent the DVD "Little Miss Sunshine." You won't be sorry. And by the way, this is movie is really
not too sweet; just pleasant enough , and actually a lot of fun..


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