Monday, July 24, 2006

This is my sixth blog for the current year, 2006.

Can you remember ever being angry enough to literally bang your head on the floor? I can't, but I can recall very easily wanting to bang someone's head against a wall. The primary character in a new best'selling novel goes a step beyond most of us when he loses it completely and hurts his own head. The book is "The Ha Ha" by Dave King and is both unusual and entertaining. You will have to find out yourself what the title means; it is a part of any readers journey into the emotional and forceful experience of reading this book.

Howie has not been able to speak or write, and only read in brief flashes for thirty years. He lets us into his life when the author writes all that this maimed veteran of Viet Nam is thinking and feeling. The frustration level of not being able to speak is something most of us will never experience and we shudder at the idea. Howie takes us with him as his settled and almost normal life takes a dramatic turn.

A small boy comes into Howie's life and the feelings he beings to have, plus the entirely new experiences of raising a nine year old change the hum drum of his life dramatically. The girl friend from the past is pretty much easy to dismiss but Howie is still enchanted by her and the reader begins to go through the turmoil of change with him.

There are plenty of secondary characters who are shown to have the ability to grow and change as well as revert to selfish and devious behaviors. All of them are not as compelling as a protaganist who cannot speak but has the same intellect and emotions he had before he was so grieviously hurt.

You will be rewarded with new insights and special feelings for small victories of the human spirit when you have finished this novel.


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